SPIN Archive

  • Animation still, SPIN Archive 2009-2011

  • Still Moving

  • Still Moving

  • Les Matins infidèles. L’art du protocole

  • video, plinth, animation paper, headphones, screen, step stools


Over a 6-month period the majority of each day was spent seated drawing all the possible variations of forms that can be produced from the 20 round gears of the toy, Super Spirograph (7905 drawings). The archive of drawings were then digitally photographed and organized to create the video. The flipbook like animation is inherent to the sequencing of the images through systematically ordering the drawings by the number systems (of holes) on the gears. In total there are approximately 400 sequences that continuously flow from one to the next. Each image/drawing is viewed for 8 frames (at 30 fps) – slow enough to identify the image and fast enough to perceive movement. Sequence lengths are between 5 to 35 images – based on the amount of holes in each gear. SPIN is the slow visualization of each image accompanied by the sound of the pen repetitively circling on the paper. The first version of this video animation was developed while in residence at La Bande Video in Quebec.